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Agricultural material

To manufacture, produce, assemble, engineer, design, develop, use, buy, sell, operate, run, let on hire, import, export and otherwise deal in all kinds of earth moving and agricultural machines, petrol, diesel and gas engines, tractors, trolleys, threshers, other agricultural equipment, accessories and components, mobile or otherwise including hydraulic equipment, air crafts, hovercrafts, automotive, cranes, mining equipment, heavy vehicles and machines for agricultural and land reclamation, drainage, irrigation, water works, engineering, forest cleaning, pumping and other purposes including, drilling equipments, construction equipment, track line vehicles, mechanical shovels, spraying machines, vehicle or equipment whether mobile or otherwise including piling equipment, dump trucks, scrappers, crappers, loaders, compaction equipment, mobile equipment and garage equipment for repair and service station, tube well pumps, submersible pumps, mono pump sets, floating or otherwise, motor and irrigation machinery, transportation equipment, for movement of products and stores, machines personal and as general purpose freight carriers, agro industrial electrical and electronic goods, agriculture inputs, appliances, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, manners, livestock, dairy products, fisheries, poultry farm, vegetable and food products, gur, sugar, grains, oils, oil cakes, perfumes, powders, fruits, juices, liquor, food, ice cream, hotel and agriculture business.