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The challenges of maintaining a start-up or a developing business or actually any business are phenomenal! Managing a business's accounts, Finances, compliances, corporate administration, and tending to key strategies are significant task and one can't bear the cost of ignorance in these scope.

Startup-CA is one of the leading Business Consulting platforms and web-based aggregators in India for early-stage Start-ups, SME and Businesses Enterprises. Startup-CA is represented considerable authority in establishing the entire suite of services for creating any form of a business entity by offering end to end solutions.

We’v been serving the Enterprises with variety of our services

We are focusing on the latest technologies, trends and innovations with the best and brightest minds to make sustainable business since 2017

Business Incorporation

The key elements to put together your choice with respect to the Business Incorporation and strengthen as a base foundation of the business structure

Funding And Valuation

We help early-stage startup and Growth stage who are looking for funds to scale up the business up to the best potential.

Compliances MCA Services

All Private Limited companies in India are governed by the MCA under the Companies Act, 2013. every company, post incorporation, has to fulfil some, mandatory legal obligations.

Due Diligence

Consultation and Advisory & Due Diligence is the procedure of research and examination that is done before an obtaining, venture, business association or bank credit keeping in mind the end goal to decide the estimation of the subject of the due persistence or whether there are any significant issues or potential issues.

CFO Services

Outsourced CFO companies are organizations who provide as-needed, part-time, or short-term CFO services to businesses.


Startup CA Help businesses or startup getting incubated managed by corporations, educational institutions or government agencies that provide an environment for startups to develop.

Why StartUp CA

Startup-CA Definitely Filled A Void For Startups Who Are On Their Way To Growth Stage And Gave Us A Great Platform To Explore Possibilities

The best way to learn about the startup journey is to hear it first-hand from those who have experienced it.