by Pramod Mishra. 07 September 2020

Tools that helps you to validate your Ideas

13 tools to validate Ideas

Those below are the few steps to Validate your Idea.

Create proof of Concept  

Internet Research

 Search for data about the problem, you gonna solve. Look for current solutions and competitors. This is free and must - do start point. Use Google and Crunchbase.

Scrape forums

Check the industry-related forums or chats. Look for a useful contact, speak about the pain. Collect the data. Reddit is a good place to start.

Interview customers

Collect the fair feedback. Ask about the pain/solution fit. Use Type Form for surveys. And Quora or LinkedIn for conversation.

Create a blog

This is a time-consuming, but still a good option to repeatedly validate new and new hypotheses. Start with Medium or Blogger.

Create a landing page

A landing page allows collecting feedback on the value proposition and particular features. You can sell the product without a single line of code. Use site - builders like Wix or Weebly.

Start an ad campaign

Use Facebook Ads or Google Ads to reach your audience. Customize demographic and location. Use A / B test campaigns to discover the audience's feedback.

Build a Prototype

Use pen and paper

It's an easy way to let potential customers try what you aim to create. Draw an interface and a few screens. You can modify the results anytime according to the feedback.

Create wireframes

Use digital prototypes to avoid significant issues before development starts. Focus on the main steps, not details. Balsamiq Cloud is a good choice for prototyping

Make an explanatory video

Use video to explain how your product will work. Describe benefits and features as Dropbox founder did. It's a simple and effective way to reach the audience and collect feedback.

Develop a Minimum Viable Product

The Concierge MVP

Literally, it is not an MVP, but personal activity. Help customer to solve a problem manually first, not automatically. And you'll understand there is a need in-app.

The Wizard of Oz MVP

Impress the user without a single line of code. Create an interface without features. Replace them with the manual work and collect customers' feedback.

The Piecemeal MVP

The point is to manually use a few existing products as they were integrated. If your customers are interested in - start coding!

The single - feature MVP

Build an app with no additional features, except the core ones. It gives a clear picture of how the customer would interact with a full version of a product.

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