by Yashika Sharma. 23 September 2020

Fractional CFO Services

Our chief finance officer(CFO) work onsite with our clients and provide your business with the forward-looking financial analysis necessary to maximize profitability and the value of your company. Signature Analytics is a finance and accounting services firm that supports our clients’ needs on an ongoing, part-time basis. We provide companies with the benefits of a chief finance officer(CFO) at a fraction of the cost of hiring one full time. Signature Analytics customizes the level of service based on the needs of the business and the clients’ internal resources already in place.

Examples of Our Capabilities

Signature Analytics’ chief finance officer(CFO) model and CFO service the expected revenues and expenses of your company over a period to identify capital requirements. We work with you to develop a comprehensive package to use with financial institutions and/or investors to obtain the necessary capital to support your business.

KPI Development & Analysis

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are different for every business. As your chief finance officer(CFO), we work with your operations and management teams to identify which KPIs are most applicable to your company. We also support the analysis of those KPIs on a regular basis and suggest actions that support your goals. we also support the virtual cfo services, cfo services for startup, cfo services for small business, online cfo services, outsourced cfo services.

Year-Round Tax Planning

Signature Analytics’ chief finance officer(CFO) maintain communication with your tax preparers to minimize your company’s potential tax liability and maximize potential tax savings.   

External Stakeholder Communications

Signature Analytics’ chief finance officer(CFO) use their extensive experience and knowledge to participate in financial discussions with tax advisors, attorneys, bankers, insurance brokers, and other key partners to ensure proper planning strategies and that our clients are getting the , level of service.

Merger and Acquisition
Signature Analytics’ CFO  work with you to support your merger and acquisition activity. Whether you are interested in buying another business or exiting your own, Signature Analytics’ CFOs can help with financial consulting, financial modeling, due diligence, acquisition analysis, and post-merger integration. 

udgeting & Expense Control
Signature Analytics’ chief finance officer(CFO) will drive the budgeting process, financial consulting, incorporating input from each department to provide the most accurate and complete projections. We then monitor and report budgeted versus actual results on a periodic basis and re-forecast accordingly.

Compensation Plan Development

As your chief finance officer(CFO), we help to structure employee compensation plans that incentivize efficiency and are aligned with the financial goals of the company.

Internal Stakeholder Communications

Signature Analytics’ CFO services prepare presentations for internal stakeholders that communicate the company’s financial consulting information in concise and easy to understand methods: trends to help visualize projections, charts and tables to highlight key information, and management descriptions to explain results.

Ongoing Analysis & Review

Signature Analytics’ chief finance officer(CFO) work with you to develop an ongoing process and a regular schedule to review and understand the most current financial information and key performance indicators (KPIs). This ensures you understand the status of your business and discuss next steps to achieving your goals.

Additional Services:

Shareholder Presentation Preparation
Profitability Analysis for Products, Clients, or Markets
Capital Budget Monitoring
Special Report Preparation for Investors
Accounting Rules and Regulations Compliance
Trend Tracking & Profitability Analysis
Financial Trend Analysis
Credit Line Assessment
Exit Strategy
Pricing Models

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