by Pramod Mishra. 20 August 2020

Why Registering your Business is Important?

Business actions normally take place on behalf of a company or incorporate body, rather than an individual.

They largely follow or come along with company incorporation.

Regardless of whether you are a resident or nonresident, as a business owner and manager, you need to perform many business actions.

You, in particular, need to:

1. Register business name; So in future, no one can use the business name of your company to build there own business with the same object.

2. Finance your business; Its easy to get fund or loan for your business entity because now you are maintaining your books and business as per the norms of government law.

3. Own a share of your enterprise; Its good to incorporate your business when you are running your business with partners, to avoid future disputes and legal issues.

4. Limit your liability for business activity; As your registered business has its own separate legal entity, so it isn't bound you to pay personally for any liability that arose due to the business losses.

5. Establish and protect your brand;  Registering your business can help to secure your brand name so that no one can get the benefit for your goodwill or vice versa.

6. Test unicorn startup business ideas; If you have any unique business Idea or Concept to go with, then registered as a business identity can help you in many more ways. if you have any of this Idea then you can also check the worth of your Idea on our free business idea validation.

7. Find business partners; It's so hard nowadays to get a perfect partner or co-founder for your Business Idea or your running business for further support if you are not registering your business. if you are looking for a co-founder for your business after the registration of your company, then you can visit our co-founder page.

8. Benefits from banks for Business; After registering your business you are eligible to get a current account in the bank with some extra benefits like POS Machine service, Payment Gateway, UPI services to collect the payment from the buyers with some easier way.

9. Find investors; If you are starting a new business and need some investment to grow, then you must have to register your business.

10. Prove a Reputable Jurisdiction status.

Now, can you see the role of your company in this big picture?

All those actions necessitate a company registration, even if it’s a small business.

This way, you can greatly benefit from the incorporation of the company.

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