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Computer and electronic equipment

To carry on the business of manufacture, import, export, alter, convert, modify, buy, sell, give or take on lease or hire purchase or on deferred credit or on license, service and repair or otherwise deal in any other manner, in electronic appliances and apparatus and systems such as computers, calculators, word processors, printers, type writes, data processing equipment, software and hardware, silicon chips or any other consumer equipment, communication equipment, display devices, printing devices, high frequency apparatus, magnetic components, air borne equipment, generation and servo control equipment, control systems and allied equipment and machines and to conduct center for complete services, peripherals and all other devices and accessories, spare parts, components and all kinds of instruments, apparatus, equipment and gadgets, used for or in connection with any of the aforesaid matters or products and to develop, design and sell or otherwise give on hire computer programmes and to act as computer specialists, counselors, advisors, programmers and to do all and any thing required in connection with manufacture, sell, assembly, integration, arrangement, installation and operating computers, software and hardware, programming, data processing, giving and or taking on hire computer time and in other matters as may be necessary for in relation to the business of computers.