By Pramod Mishra. 17 September 2020
Business Ideas for Students without investment

we have made the list of part-time Business Ideas for Students in India which can be started by any college Student and it can make him some money.   Because College is a great time to explore Entrepreneurship as there are almost 4-5 hours of free time during College if you manage your time perfectly. Sooner or later this Business Ideas can also turn into your Full-time Profession.   How to make money in India as a teenager keeping in mind that you will work as a part-timer on these Business ideas and most of you might have very little money and time to invest in these ideas.   So, Don’t worry about an investment or anything else, Let’s jump into the list of part-time Business Ideas for Students in India. 


This is the best and most profitable Business Ideas for teenagers as you can easily teach any subjects to students who are some years younger than you.   You can even go to some famous classes and request them to appoint you as a teacher in their classes. Sooner or later you can also open your classes or Institute and if you were not very good at studies then you can teach those skills that you have acquired till today. Some Business Strategy that can help you in Growing your Business  

After getting started with your own classes you can make a lot of money from this Business Ideas   Appoint some teachers so they can teach your students in a better way. Make some small animated video to teach hard concepts to your student and provide Make a Youtube channel and start teaching on youtube this will grow your brand value, your audience as well as revenue. There are very fewer people on youtube providing academic knowledge on youtube, there are exceptions but all of them doesn’t provide as much value as a student gets in classes,   So, you can upload some of your videos while teaching in your classes.   Start providing your students access to paid learning apps (E-Learning apps) that have lectures on different Subjects. There are many apps like Toppr, Unacademy, Byjus, etc, you can use these apps as an E-Learning Platform.   This is one of the best Business Ideas for Students in India, if you were good at studying. 


This is not an actual Business Idea but it is one of the greatest money-making Idea and one of our today’s richest person Warren Buffett has made his career in investing and almost all Billionaires in the world invest their money.   Investing money is a little bit riskier for you as you may have very little money, but you can invest your money in Mutual Funds.   There are many courses and free video content on youtube about Investing, So you can easily learn Investing and Compounding Online.   You may have come across the word investing, but you may have not to know what Compounding is and How you can Compound your money.   Here’s a small story on Compounding   Suppose that you and your best friend came to me to learn Compounding and asked me, what is Compounding? And I said that I will tell you but first give an answer to my question   Both of you said – yes we will answer what is you Question   I said: If I will give one of you 1000$ and one of you just 1$ but I will double your money daily   Suppose you have chosen 1$ getting double every day and your friend 1000$, SO now your Friend is 1000 times richer than you but Your Money is Increasing day by day and after 10days you will be richer than your Friend.   This is what compounding is just doubling your money.   How can you make more money in Investing? 

To acquire any skill you have to learn and the greatest source of learning Investing is Youtube and if you are interested in reading books then You can read Rich Dad Poor Dad book and The Intelligent Investor these two books are crucial if you want to learn Investing You can use the Bootstrapping Method to invest in stocks or Mutual Funds in simple words investing all money you have earned to earn more money. Make an Investing plan for yourself, you can also learn it from youtube. Stocks are much more profitable than mutual funds if you pick up them with good research and experience, Therefore don’t fully depend on Mutual fund start investing in stocks as early as you can. Investing has now become very easy because of growing technology there are many apps from where you can start investing without giving brokerage like Upstox, Groww, Zerodha coin, etc. This is Business Ideas for Students without investment in India is as essential as it should be started not only by teenagers or students but also by their parents. 


Meesho is India’s largest and most trusted marketplace for Resellers, who sell products online through WhatsApp and Facebook.   Trusted by over 50,000 reseller app, you can also call it a profitable business Ideas for students without investment   Making money with Meesho is very simple and there are 2 ways to make money from Meesho 1. Reselling on Meesho 2. Referring Meesho app to friends and relatives.  

You can earn money by reselling fashion and lifestyle products on WhatsApp and Facebook. You just have to download the Meesho app and start sharing products that your friends, relatives, or customers may like.   After that, if your customers want to buy it then add your commission on the price and shipping charges of product and make money.   This is a very profitable Business Ideas for Students or teenagers in India as it doesn’t need any investment and if you are interested in this business idea or if you want to know another way to make money from Meesho.


Many of you may have thought about opening a Youtube channel and making money from it.   If you have thought, then start a channel bro why are you waiting?   Starting a Youtube Channel needs a very little investment, just buy a good Quality Mic, Camera, and background setup as per your wish.

All must be knowing how to make money from youtube by AdSense right! But there are many ways to make money from youtube.   Therefore, it has a very high potential to make money as a teenager.


It is not necessary to have your own Course for selling Online Course, there are many people selling online Courses you can sell their courses and earn a commission.
You can choose some courses that your friends will like to purchase and you can promote these courses to them.   It’s more beneficial to sell your courses then selling other’s courses, So if you have some skills which can add some great value to your customer’s life then starts creating your own online course.   How to make more money from Selling Online Course   Grow your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter followers to reach more people and to sell to more people. You can start a youtube channel where you can promote other’s courses and the conversion rates through youtube is much higher than any social media site. For creating your course or selling other courses in both Business Ideas, you may need Investment but it is a one-time investment and it’s worth it.


If you have very basic skills like data entry, copywriting, graphic designing, content writing, web development, etc then you can register as a freelancer on websites like Freelancers.com, upwork.com, and fiverr.com.   You can easily bid on any projects with the help of this website and if your customers like your profile and bidding price then they can hire you for their projects.

Freelancers get paid on an hourly or daily basis, they work on short term projects, for getting more projects you have to improve your profile by getting more review, comments, or stars on your profile this can impress your customers.


An SEO expert is one of the important factors in ranking your websites and it is one of the most important topics in Digital marketing as well as it has a very high demand for an SEO expert as they can easily rank any website. Learning SEO is very easy there are many tutorials are available on Youtube and google but they can’t provide you with some Advance SEO techniques and strategies So you may have to enroll in some Paid SEO courses. You can find SEO courses Online as well as locally If you don’t have Money to Invest in Course Start following SEO experts on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, Some of SEO Experts – Neil Patel, Moz, Drian Dean, Sorav Jain, Pritam Nagrale etc.

You can follow these people to learn SEO from them These are some experts of SEO so they can easily give you some secrets of SEO. After learning SEO you can start becoming an SEO consultant or you can also start SEO Agency, You can a lot from SEO. You can also make it your full-time career, but it all depends on your SEO skills, further you can also make it a Digital Marketing Agency by hiring some Digital Marketing Experts. Becoming an SEO expert is what I am also trying to do because it is one of the best Business Ideas for Students in India.


There is a high demand for photo and video editor due to youtube and other social media sites. All Social media Influencers need a Video editor or Photo Editor for editing.   There are many YouTubers available on youtube which can teach you editing as well as there are many free editing software so there is no need for Investment in this Business Ideas.

It may need some Investment if you want to become a pro in editing or if you want to grow your business.   Becoming a Video Editor is a very simple and you can learn it in one to three months and make a lot of money.


Blogging is very profitable and sustainable Business idea for Students in India, but today it has become saturated therefore work in a Micro niche blogging if you want to earn from Blogging. This a very famous Business idea So you can easily find any Micro niche in Blogging on youtube. There are many professional bloggers present on youtube to teach you blogging. By doing Seo and creating some backlinks you can earn money from blogging, it doesn’t need to be taken the full time to make money from it, you can easily make money from blogging by working part-time.

There is a lot of opportunity in this field and many ways to make money some of them are given below:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliates Marketing
  • Selling products on Website
  • Selling Online Course
  • Sponsored Post
  • Consulting people
  • Email marketing
  • Social media Influencer  


Everyone in this world have some uniqueness everybody has something different from other So just explore that thing search for your passion your love and when you find that just follow that and turn your passion in business.
Remember one the thing that you can never beat anyone in business, in studies, in the real-world who loves his own work. You might be a very genius, very intelligent or talented person but if you don’t love your work and your competitor loves his work then your competitor is going to win in any condition.


Today Prank and gaming youtube channels are growing with a rocket speed as they entertain us they give us a moment of joy and that’s why we love watching comedy, prank videos or gaming youtube channels. These channels are grown with millions of subscribers in the last some years and all teenagers love doing prank and playing games so there will not be a shortage of content and you can also add your imagination in doing new pranks and gaming videos.