By Pramod Mishra. 18 September 2020
Rules You must follow whiling filing your tax returns

Because your salary approaches the standard cap, you can file taxes. Gross income is measured when including exemptions such as house rent, conveyance, and other allowances, but before deductions. People assume that if tax is withheld at the source, their tax enforcement will be handled. The rules state a person must file his tax return if gross taxable income exceeds the basic exemption cap.

After demonetization, you should discuss cash deposits.

Therefore, if you have deposited more than Rs . 2 lakh cash in your account after demonetization then you can note it in your ITR to the income tax department. The punishment for misreporting will vary from 50% to 200% of underreported profits. Taxpayers can also be sued for making misleading claims.  

Mention your Aadhar card info.
The tax authorities have the right to slap or even sue you for making a false declaration under section 277 of the Income Tax Act, 1961. If you have the Aadhaar, it must also be connected to the PAN if you file your tax return. Those who don't have aadhar card are excluded from it but may face repercussions, so it's safe to connect your aadhaar to your ITR.

Includes interest and other taxes.  
People have a belief that tax-saving interest is tax-free. They don't know these deposits are helping to save tax under Sec 80C, but interest is completely taxable. TDS also extend since the 2015 budget on recurring deposits if interest in a financial year reaches Rs 10,000. When banks start exchanging data, TDS might occur if interest from other bank deposits crosses the threshold.

The former employer's salary should also be listed.  
The new boss also lacks the salary received from the former employment. Tax is withheld believing revenue for the remaining months is the only revenue for the year. But this flaw is found as he files his tax return. At the point, all workers' wages are applied, and deduction and allowance are halved. As a result, people see their tax exit decline drastically. It usually implies a substantial tax bill after making returns, when repeated payments are paid back. Other people believe they should get away with lower taxes if they don't include the former employer's salary on their return. If a tax is withheld from the first employer's wages, it will be expressed in Form 26AS. If the individual does not disclose such salary, the difference would be obtained by the computerized scrutiny mechanism and he may receive a notice served.

Household land  
A house might be your house, office, market, building, or any land attached to the building like a parking lot. The Income Tax Act differentiates between commercial and residential lands. Both forms of assets are charged under the heading 'household profits' throughout the profits tax return. When a property is used for the purpose of business or profession or for carrying out freelancing work – it is taxed under the ‘ income from business and profession 'head. House property is of 3 types: self- occupied, inherited, and on lease. The income from this should also be filed under ITR 1 AND 4.

Lookout for deductions under section 80  
There are a number of deductions available under various sections that will bring down your taxable income. The most popular one is section 80C of Chapter VIA. Other preferred deductions under chapter VIA are 80D, 80E, 80 G, 80DDB, and so on. In this article, let us discuss some of the important deductions under chapter VIA that a taxpayer can claim.

80c- deductions on investments.  
80ccc- deductions for any amount paid or deposited in any annuity plan of LIC or any other insurer.  
80ccd- deductions for contribution to pensioners account.  
80TTA- interest on savings account  
80GG- deductions on house rent paid.  
80E- interest on education loans.  
80EE- interest on home loan etc.

Gaining money.  
Any value or income from selling a 'capital asset' is a capital gain. This benefit or profit falls into the 'income' line, so you'll continue to pay tax on the value in the year the capital asset is shifted. This is also the short-term or long-term capital gains levy. From 2018-19, if the individual has a long-term capital gain of more than 1 lakh from investments made in listed stock and equity-oriented funds, the same would now be taxable. The relevant changes have been made in the ITR forms.'      

Land selling
  Whenever an immovable property is sold in excess of ~50 lakh then 1 percent TDS is paid and here again, the buyer's PAN number is necessary along with percentage share details, sum, and property address.    

Know the shapes

ITR 1- Every person getting daily salary/pension
ITR type 2- all those who belong to the Hindu undivided family community and have revenue other than earnings from industry and practice.
ITR form V- filed to accept returns. Etc.

There are several types for different reasons. Make sure you know they are useful.

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