By Deepanker Mishra. 24 August 2020
You need to know The Role of a Mentor and The Purpose of Mentoring

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey   

Her wordings are correct as mentors are ones who make us understand the importance of work and also, motivate us to do tasks. In this article, I will be throwing some light on the role of mentor, the purpose of mentoring, the advantages and disadvantages of a mentor.

What is the Role of a Mentor-?
A coach ought to have explicit characteristics since they are something beyond a purveyor of data. They ought to be humane, learned, and just as the capacity to move the right data in a structure that you can comprehend and utilize. Essentially, they are something other than an educator. They are a guide for your life. This is the most significant duty. 
Additionally, a tutor ought not to accomplish the work for you. They have to show you how to fly and afterward let you take off on your own simply like a mother fledgling delicately asking their chick from the home. You have to figure out how to have confidence in yourself and how to depend on your quality and perceive the abilities you have.

Role of Mentoring of 3’C

Rule 1: Consultant -
This is the most evident job for a coach to play. Similarly, as advisors are employed to give specific proposals dependent on an abundance of industry information, coaches are liable for sharing their business bits of knowledge increased through long periods of certifiable experience. Guides are regularly knowledgeable about territories that mentees are not, and understanding from a tutor can spare a mentee both time and assets in making sense of an issue. 

Rule 2: Counselor -
A decent tutor will have the option to ponder their encounters to decide when the excursion was savvier than the result. In these occurrences, a coach must assume the job of instructor and give direction however not answers, empowering their mentee to make sense of the correct strategy exclusively. 

Rule 3: Cheerleader - 
Notwithstanding the entirety of the productive input and guidance that a coach can give, they ought to likewise offer help and energy. Beginning a business has numerous ups and downs, and it tends to be urging to realize that your coach is pulling for you. Coaches should help commend a mentee's triumphs – regardless of how enormous or little. 

Top 4 Purpose of Mentoring

1. Better worker preparing- 
About the onboarding procedure, work preparation is frequently intended to enable the recently recruited employee to find out about their particular job in the organization. Through a working environment coaching program, all the more balanced preparation should be possible. This kind of learning can enable the new representative to grow great propensities. 

2. Positive working environment sway-
A tutoring program goes far in creating positive associations between collaborators, which will positively affect the remainder of the association. The impact that a mentee can have on people around them can help carry a more constructive air to the working environment. 

3. New aptitudes-
 A tutor is in a situation to recognize extra abilities that a mentee has that could be a bit of leeway to the organization long haul. These incorporate abilities and capacities that may not be a resource for the worker's present job, however, will assist them with prevailing in future situations with the organization.

4. Improved efficiency-
Representatives who build up a coaching relationship are regularly more gainful in the working environment. An examination by the University of Guelph in Canada showed that work environment programs like mentorship can enable a representative to turn out to be more beneficial at another organization. "Organizations profit by boosting their representatives' prosperity.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mentoring   
“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.”                                 — John C. Maxwell

Advantages of being a Mentee –
1.      Gain handy counsel, consolation and backing 
2.      Learn from the encounters of others 
3.      Increase you're social and scholastic certainty 
4.      Become more engaged to decide 

Advantages of being a Mentor – 
1.     Improve correspondence and individual abilities 
2.      Develop administration and the executive's characteristics 
3.      Reinforce your investigation abilities and information on your subject(s) 
4.      Increase your certainty and inspiration, also, enhance your CV

Disadvantages of being a Mentee – 
1.      Over-dependence on the mentor 
2.      Micro-management from the mentor
3.      The role of the conflict between boss and mentor 

4.      Lack of organizational support

Disadvantages of being a Mentor- 
1.      Mismatched Pair 
2.      Frustration 

3.      Time, energy, commitment to mentee 
4.      Negative halo from a mentee who fails

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